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About Us

We want you to be better than not sick;
we want you to be healthy.

Avondale chiropractors Drs. Jodi and Greg Parsons

Drs. Jodi & Greg Parsons and family

From our beginnings in 2007, we’ve been widely known as a place for all members of the family to attain their best health potential.

Our name reflects our desire to help practice members not just survive, but thrive and live a vibrant, full life!

We love helping practice members in Avondale and all of the surrounding communities feel their best through chiropractic.

Our practice members appreciate the fact that we take the time to listen, care and understand.

Kids Love Us

Kids love coming to our office because it’s fun, welcoming, safe, and they feel comfortable here. We spend extra time interacting with them, just to make them feel relaxed, even as we perform some chiropractic techniques. We sometimes hear about young practice members who haven’t seen their pediatricians in more than a year because they have experienced such great heath success with chiropractic.

Gentle Care for Expectant Moms

Expectant moms appreciate our caring and gentle approach to helping them through pregnancy in the most comfortable way possible. We love hearing women who have had trouble getting pregnant tell us how chiropractic has helped them become parents. It’s always our desire to share the joys of pregnancy and baby care with our families. Dr. Jodi Parsons is the only chiropractor in the area who is certified in the Webster Technique.

Helping Athletes Up Their Game

Competitors in many sports come to see Dr. Greg Parsons for healing and health maintenance through chiropractic care, which prepare their minds and bodies for peak performances. Good joint alignment, balance and coordination are necessary to achieve the best competition at any level. In addition, we are highly skilled in injury rehabilitation and physical training. We want to help athletes of all levels get back to the sports and activities they enjoy.

Life-Changing Effects of Chiropractic

Both Dr. Greg and Dr. Jodi enjoy hearing the great stories about how their practice members have been helped through chiropractic. Dr. Jodi has had young practice members who continued to be sick despite repeated rounds of antibiotics, but got better after she adjusted them for a period of time. Dr. Greg has had practice members walk out of the office when they weren’t able to walk in. “It’s life-changing things like that that make life so much sweeter,” says Dr. Greg.

Every member of your family — from infants to older adults — may come to us for help with achieving their best mind and body performance potential. Call us today for what may be your best step into a healthy life! (610) 925-2572