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Meet Dr. Jodi Parsons

Dr. Jodi Parsons Avondale Chiropractor

Dr. Jodi Parsons

Dr. Jodi always knew she wanted to do something in the healing field but was unsure of what specialty to pursue. She spent the first three years of her college career pursuing a biology/pre-med major.

However, as she began to explore the mind-body connection and gain a better understanding of how our thoughts and emotions connect to body functions and the important role the nervous system plays in life, she changed her major to neuroscience.

A Self-proclaimed Science Nerd

“Though I had been a chiropractic patient since middle school, I’d never considered it as a career for myself.” By her senior year in college, she knew she didn’t want medical school and all the drug therapies. After a detour to work toward a master’s degree in counseling, Dr. Jodi realized that wasn’t going to be the path for her.

When she saw the curriculum at Life University, where she studied and met her husband, she realized it was what she needed to do. “I chose chiropractic school because I’m a science nerd. I also knew chiropractic was a natural form of achieving health.”

“I knew there was something more to the healing process than drugs and surgery.”Dr. Jodi Parsons

Priorities of Faith and Family

Faith and family are top priorities for Dr. Jodi and Dr. Greg, and for their practice. They want to touch as many lives in the community as possible with their goals of improving health, connections and general well-being. “We probably care for more children than other practices, and we’re focused not so much on pain as we are wellness lifestyles.” Dr. Jodi and Dr. Greg show their practice members the same care and concern as they would their family.

Empowering Moms Through Natural Care

As a mother to three school-age children, she understands what it takes to empower other moms to rear their children naturally, starting with a healthy and natural pregnancy and birth. She is passionate about helping women, moms and kids attain great health at all life stages.

Dr. Jodi frequently inspires audiences with her presentations about health and wellness topics to community, church and professional groups, as well as the occasional radio show. She is certified in the Webster Technique for optimal fetal positioning in pregnant women.

Living an Active Lifestyle

When they’re not in the practice, they are often out with their kids in the outdoors — at the beach, camping or hiking. Both Dr. Jodi and Dr. Greg coach kids’ sports teams and serve on boards for different activities. The Parsons are a very outward-focused family who aims to help others.

Community give-back projects also occupy the two, near home and abroad. The doctors did a medical mission trip a few years ago to the Dominican Republic where they provided chiropractic cares for over 1,000 people in a week. Closer to home, they volunteer for food drives and other service projects with their church. For the past few Christmases, Dr. Jodi, Dr. Greg and their patient community have adopted families who haven’t the means to gift their families, and organized Christmas gifts for them.

If you’re ready to get on the road to optimal health and wellness, give us a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jodi. (610) 925-2572