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Reviews for Thrive Chiropractic Studio

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She truly has arrived at a place where she is thriving

stacey-m“Our seven year old daughter, Ella, was an anxious child. Always worrying about “what ifs,” never eager to participate in new experiences, falling victim to separation anxiety in situations she didn’t have a parent with her. It was difficult and heart-wrenching to watch such a young child worry so frequently without reason. After hearing about the positive transformation a friend’s own daughter had experienced after being treated by Dr. Jodi, we decided to give chiropractic treatment a try.
Dr. Jodi’s transparency, respectful demeanor and natural ability to connect with kids engaged Ella and set her at ease immediately. The sessions were brief and painless. We began with three sessions a week, an aggressive schedule that, shockingly, Ella didn’t object to. Within a few weeks, we noticed an improvement in Ella’s anxiety. She was more open to trying new things, worrying less and overall just seemed more comfortable in her own skin. Now, nearly a year later, Ella’s anxiety levels have dwindled and she is trying soccer, joining a Brownie’s troop and wants to take piano lessons. She truly has arrived at a place where she is thriving. Dr. Jodi’s treatment didn’t “fix” Ella; rather it enabled her to get out of her own way and simply start enjoying life more.”

~ Stacey M., Ella’s mom

No More Migraines – Medication Free!

anthony-z“We consulted Thrive Chiropractic Studio for Anthony’s migraines, after I, his mother, found that chiropractic care was working to decrease my own headaches. Anthony started care at 14 and he had been on a daily medication to manage migraines for about three years. Even on medication, he was experiencing migraines 2-3 times a month. He would cry with the pain. His regimen for relief was to vomit, get a hot shower, take three Advil and sleep in a dark room to find relief.

After four weeks of chiropractic care, with his primary doctor’s permission, we took him off the daily medication and he’s been med-free ever since! He still experiences headaches about twice a month, however they are rarely migraines and he is able to easily manage them. Read more…

Once in a while our week will get busy and we’ll forget to go to Thrive. Anthony will be the one to remind me often saying, “I need to go. I feel funny.” That’s about all the description you’ll get from a teenager! The fact that he is more attuned to what his body needs is beneficial.”

~Theresa Z., on behalf of her son, Anthony Z., practice member since 2011

Fewer Migraines Because of Chiropractic!

“My gym had Dr. Jodi give a talk about chiropractic care. I needed help managing migraine headaches and had good results from my previous chiropractor that had moved away. What first impressed me about Thrive Chiropractic Studio was that Dr. Jodi was very informative and caring and I felt that I could trust her with my healthcare. Since beginning chiropractic care I have less migraines, better GI function, increased energy and stamina, increased ease of bodily functions, increased flexibility and range of motion and I generally feel better.”

~Carol M., practice member since 2008

Migraine free and a true believer in the power of chiropractic!

theresa-zI first consulted Thrive in the fall of 2011 to address recurring migraines that I’d had since my teen years. I decided to begin care at Thrive when a massage therapist told me that while she could help me manage migraines, I should think about consulting a chiropractor for long-term relief. What most impressed me was the lack of equipment in the Studio that I had seen in other chiropractic offices and I liked that the doctors are so easy to talk to and it feels like a family business instead of a big business practice.

After only two months with Thrive, my migraines were non-existent and I was experiencing ‘normal’ headaches only once or twice a month. At one point last summer I decided to take a couple months off: I was feeling so good maybe I was “cured!”

Read more…

I was so surprised to find that by the end of the first month I noticed that I was feeling overall lack of energy, increased headaches, and just generally achy. It made me a true believer in the power of chiropractic and much more aware of my body’s responses to change and stress.

In December of 2012, my daughter and I attended Eat By Design. I wrote it off as “I can’t give up bread” and “Who eats kale?” In January I decided to give it a go along with a beginner’s exercise program. The first week was very difficult as my body detoxed from simple carbs. Tonight for dinner I had roasted kale and mushrooms with chicken scalopine and loved it! Thrive’s Facebook posts keep me going!

~Theresa Z., practice member since 2011

Fewer Colds, Reduced Stress and Better Sleep!

“I first consulted Thrive Chiropractic Studio because I had a very stiff and painful neck. What impressed me the most about Thrive was that they took the time to really explain chiropractic care and the “By Design” philosophy. Dr. Jodi’s explanation of chiropractic care made sense to me and I wanted to give it a try. Since beginning care I have been less sick this winter (i.e. fewer colds). My body is able to cope better with emotional stress. I SLEEP better! What a game changer! Since beginning care I have adopted Move By Design and Eat By Design into my life and have noticed increased peace of mind, increased quality of sleep, increased ease of bodily functions, increase flexibility and range of motion and an increased sense of well-being and happiness.”

~Sheri, practice member since 2012

Less Frequent Lung Issues and Decreased Illness & Need for Antibiotics

jack-and-miles“Miles had struggled with frequent illness which lasted for prolonged periods of time.

He especially had trouble with lung issues landing him in the hospital on one occasion with double pneumonia.

I was doubtful at first about chiropractic and struggled with the staying with the recommended course.

However, the results now are so amazing and clear to see. Not only that, but I know so much more about the body and overall health that our whole family now lives a better lifestyle than before staring with Thrive.”

Since beginning care, Miles has experienced a decreased need for antibiotics, several months without lung issues and reduced/shorter bouts of illness.

~Karen, mother to Miles, age 3, practice member since 2013

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